Knit intervention samples



For my PhD project, I’m looking at ways to intervene in an existing piece of knitwear. I’ve constructed a scarily complex flow chart of possible ‘treatments’, and I’m planning to knit samples to show the possibilities. I’m starting with plain ecru machine-knitted panels, and using bright red yarn to show what has been changed. Later on I’m planning to do some treatments to garments, to show them in context.

As I started to knit the samples, I realised that I would need to photograph them at each stage in order to show how they were done – otherwise I would have a pile of finished samples and just a pile of scrappy notes. My aim is that the techniques could be used by others, so the ‘how to’ information is really important.

I’ve started my sampling with treatments that open the fabric along a row, and extend, replace or shorten the knitting. I thought I’d share one of them here for feedback: ‘replace section’. I’d love to know what you think – do you get a sense of how this has been done? What additional information would you need to recreate it yourself?



8 responses to “Knit intervention samples

  1. devonfinefibres

    The colour makes it very clear what has been done. The useful thing with this particular technique is that it need NOT be obvious. So both subtle and “in your face” depending on the yarn/colour used for the replaced section.

  2. beautiful pictures, simple, but when you look closely, so much CARE! x

  3. Yes, that makes sense & looks great!

  4. Awesome, thanks for the encouragement everyone!

  5. I think it makes perfect sense. Are the first six pictures also going to be part of the instructions? I think I would add one more picture, which would be the first row in red, possibly even only half-knitted.
    And, how can we get hold of your finished “how-to”? I’d definitely be interested in having that!

  6. Really lovely pictures, informative and stylish – your PhD sounds much more exciting that mine was!

  7. Gail Goldstone

    I think that the photos demonstrate very clearly what you have done to ‘intervene’ in the knitted sample. Thank goodness for digital cameras:)
    So far it is also plain that this can be done on the KM. Well done Amy.

  8. Hi again everyone – thanks once more for the feedback. I will be asking for comments more often!

    Tom – yes, the first 6 pics are part of the instructions. I toyed with the idea of showing the first row of red, as you suggest. I decided not to as I’ve been doing the knitting in bulk whilst at conferences/training days, so I don’t have the chance to photo at that stage. But I agree it would be a nice extra step – and if it was just part of a row I could do it with the others. Maybe I can add it in – we’ll see!

    Gail – yes, quite a lot of the techniques (I have a huge list of samples still to do) will be do-able on the knitting machine – interesting to think about it from both hand and machine perspectives so thanks for your comment!

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