Monthly Archives: December 2011

Slow fashion?

I’ve been reading a lot recently, working on the literature review for my PhD. One theme that keeps popping up is the idea of speed in relation to fashion, and the notion of ‘slow fashion’.

I came across a rather different sort of slow fashion whilst staying in London last month for Made in Clerkenwell. George Moore Menswear is an abandoned shop on Myddleton Road in Bowes Park, north London. The street itself is quite unique – known by friends as ‘the street that time forgot’. George Moore’s has to be the highlight, though – reputedly shut for over a decade, the stock in the window is paused in time. The effects of nature are intriguingly present, however: colours are fading, mould is flourishing across underpants and socks, and water marks add a new layer of detail to ‘outdated’ patterns. It’s a moving and fascinating place.

If you’re ever in the area, it’s worth a look. I just came across a short audio interview with Brian Moore (son of George Moore) on a local community website – he talks about living above the shop since the 1930s, and deciding to close the shop and turn it into what he calls a ‘museum piece’.