Working Title at Aspex Gallery

I’m preparing to take up temporary residence in Portsmouth next week, as I’m going to be taking part in an exhibition entitled ‘Working Title’ at Aspex Gallery.

Here’s some information about it from the excellent Working Title blog:

’Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together’ – Marilyn Monroe

“This summer aspex will undertake a rag and bone-style collection of unwanted domestic and small-scale industrial items within Portsmouth and Southsea. Selected artists will take these objects, which are no longer fit or have served their purpose and will turn them into something that is potentially beautiful and definitely different.

“aspex’s main gallery space will function as both workshop and exhibition space with artists working for fixed periods throughout the project. Visitors will be able to access the gallery, observe & talk to the artists while they transform cast-offs into new creations or incorporate them into performances. An auction will take place during the final weekend of the show where the artists’ work will be available to the highest bidder.”

It’s a totally new experience for me. I’m planning some knit and crochet-based fun, though what I come up with will depend on what I find. I’m taking my ‘Mon Tricot’ knitting dictionary (gifted by my grannie), and some trusty crochet books too – dependable sources of inspiration and information, whatever you’re working with!


3 responses to “Working Title at Aspex Gallery

  1. Amy,
    I have been loving your work at Aspex and cant wait to put the photos on my blog of the french knitting pipes!!!
    The knitting tent at Latitude looks amazing! If you ever need a volunteer assistant I would LOVE to help at events etc. I will email you my address and that.
    Lou x
    ooh la lapin

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  3. Hi Lou, it was lovely to meet you at the gallery! Look forward to your blog post (just whiled away half an hour checking out your blog, oops, lots of work to do). I’ll definitely give you a shout about being a knitting volunteer next year… Amy x

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