The Knitted Engine, part 5

Here are some more images of the Knitted Engine in situ at BMW Plant Hams Hall. Thanks to BMW for organising the photos. This first one shows my favourite part, the crankshaft, with the con-rods and pistons shooting up towards the cylinders of the engine. If you look closely you can see the little twisted stitch detail I used to make a ridge down to centre of each crank web.

On this one look out for the crocheted BMW badge and lettering hanging on the edge of the cylinder block, about halfway up the picture.

And on this one check out the spark plugs and camshafts at the top of the picture! One of the BMW associates pointed out that the timing (positioning of the cams in relation to each other) was off on my camshafts, but then was impressed to see I could fix the problem just by swivelling the cams round. Apparently you can’t do that on metal ones!

Update: there are 5 posts in total about the Knitted Engine, from initial sketches and workshops to photos of the finished piece. View them all here.


4 responses to “The Knitted Engine, part 5

  1. A little bit behind on a blog-catch up but just wanted to say congrats on this Amy, it’s amazing. My hubby who works for Jaguar/Land Rover was seriously impressed and he never thinks knitting is cool! 😉 Hopefully see you soon for a workshop.

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