The Knitted Engine, part 4

It’s finished and installed! Hurrah!

I spent 8 hours in the BMW Hams Hall foyer installing the engine on Friday, which gave me plenty of opportunity to chat to passing employees about the project. I was particularly touched by several people who said ‘it’s a good job you’ve got those tags on, otherwise we’d take that [e.g. crankshaft] and put it in one of our engines!’

We’re moving the whole display to Lichfield Cathedral tomorrow where it’ll be on show to the public as part of Lichfield Festival until Sunday 17th July (free entry). These are just some quick snaps I took once it was up – I’ll add some nicer images soon.

Here’s the interpretation that goes with the display:

While I’d like to lie in a darkened room for a week to recover from this mad but rewarding project, it’s onward and upward – we’re heading to Latitude with our knitting tent on Wednesday. I’ll report back about our festival shenanigans when we’re home again!

Update: there are 5 posts in total about the Knitted Engine, from initial sketches and workshops to photos of the finished piece. View them all here.


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