Pearce Jones in the Cob Scarf

It’s taken me a long time to get round to starting this blog, and only time will tell whether I have the self-discipline to keep up to date! The idea of the blog is that I have somewhere to show off the work I’m doing that doesn’t (currently) have a home on the Keep & Share website, and to post details of projects – and my PhD research – as they unfold.

I’ve got lots of projects to write about, from lovely community knitting events that I’ve organised in the last couple of years to new developments hot off the press.

So, lots to catch up on – but I thought I would kick off with a little personal project. My grandad died last December, and when we visited Porthmadog (in North Wales) for his memorial service I spotted a poster about a community knitting project taking place to commemorate the anniversary of the Cob – a sea wall built in 1811 to reclaim farming land from the sea. The idea is to Knit the Cob – a scarf long enough to go right across the Cob. I knitted a panel in memory of grandad…


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